Whether just starting out or upgrading your scooter

Whether just starting out or upgrading your scooter

Are you looking to upgrade or buy a scooter for the first time? Is your little one starting to out grow their Mini Micro scooter? Do you want to know how to best choose the correct next option up?

Where it all began

Primitive scooters have been hand-made in industrial urban areas for at least 100 years. One common homemade version is made by attaching roller skate wheel sets to a board with some kind of handle, usually an old box.  You can lean to turn, or by a second board connected by a crude pivot. The construction was all-wooden, with 3–4 inch (75–100 mm) wheels with steel ball bearings. An additional advantage of this construction was loud noise, just like from a “real” vehicle. An alternative construction consists of one steel clamp–on roller skate divided into front and rear parts and attached to a wood beam.

Since the primitive days micro scooters have taken this growing craze into a different era and are attracting riders of all ages with some well known faces declaring their love for them, Such as Robbie Williams and Jude Law. So how do you know which one is the right one for you or your little one?

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